Bittersweet Goodbyes

Dear 2014

I cannot believe you are leaving soon; it just feels like  yesterday, when you came. For some time, I disliked you. I wanted you to go away because I didn’t think I was going to make the next day with you, looking back now, you have been a year full of tears and laughter, pain and joy. You taught me some lessons in the season I found myself in, it was painful but it made me grow,  you brought out a part of me i never knew existed. I am grateful for that.

                                                                   Lesson 001: My circle
The saying is true “Show me your friend and I will tell you how far you can go in life” For a moment, I taught I had no friends, I taught no one cared about me. All along, I never knew I had the best of them. They noticed my gifts and inspired me to pursue them. When I was down, they lifted me up with their faith filled words; they gave me a shoulder to cry on when I taught my world had ended. Even when I thought distance would put us apart, it didn’t, it only made us stronger.  Thank you for sharing a part of you with me I am beyond blessed by every kind word I received from you. I am grateful for bringing them into my life and for their never-ending support, you are a blessing to me.

                                                                          Lesson 002: Trust
I prayed, I really prayed for an escape door but I couldn’t see one. My world felt like it was crumbling down, one after the other, I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I thought the best way was to throw in the towel and walk out. I was hurt and broken with the final result, what went wrong? After praying but no result, I didn’t know who to confide in, so I quit and I pretended like everything was fine and that I had no problems. Thank you for never giving up on me even when I did. Your love brought me back to you and I opened up myself, I trusted Your work even if they don’t always go according to my plan, but Yours is the best. I have seen You do great things in my life. And for the answer- thank you!!! Can’t wait for my next stop.

                                                                Lesson 003: Better together
We all went separate ways, did our things differently, they didn’t work. We hid our pain pretending everything was fine, but this is known to be true “A house divided against itself shall not stand”. It wasn’t until we came together and put our ideas together and cried together, did things start to change. We are better together as a family than apart. The words of encouragement, we planted in each other lives have made us wiser and stronger. Through all my tears, laughter and prayers you taught me to find God in them, you are a gift to me.  I don’t say this often but “I love you all”

                                                              Lesson 004: Imperfect Candidate
I kept saying NO!! I wasn’t fit for the job, my life is a mess but You still chose me. All my life, I thought only people who got it right were the perfect candidate but then I realised that you take our brokenness and turn them into beautiful messages, for the world to see Your love. Sometimes, I still struggle with it but You tell me I am Your work of art and You are not done with me and my story is still untold.  I realise that Your Grace shines on our weakness and being broken doesn’t jeopardise my résumé.  It made me the perfect candidate for You. I am forever grateful.

2014, I am going to miss you. You taught me to find beauty in my mess, you taught me to laugh so hard that tears start to fall from my eyes even in my difficult season, you taught me that God never lies and He is never late, you taught me that it is always darkest before the break of dawn, that I should hold on because there’s light at the end of the tunnel. you taught me to seek God even when He is silent.You brought friends into my life that I never imagined I could have, especially this reader. I am grateful for how far we have come and the lessons we have learnt along the way, they are far too many to write here. Thank you for been on this journey with me, cannot wait to see where 2015 will take us.

Farewell 2014
Oreoluwa Esther

Joshua 1:9- Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (AMP)


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  1. dami says:

    Love love love this!!! Sooo poetic and beautiful. 2015 is going to be an amazing year for you as a writer because your writing is so heart felt.…. Keep going!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lollyp2 says:

    Hi beautiful,

    How are you doing? A few days ago one of my blog readers asked me if she could nominate me for the Liebster Award. It’s an award for bloggers who have 200 followers or less.

    I humbly accepted the nomination not because of the award but I think it’s a good idea to promote other bloggers who follow Christ.

    So is it ok if I nominate you? There is no pressure whatsoever. Here is a blog of the girl who nominated me for example.

    If you accept the nomination, I’ll forward my blog (which is on the process of writing at the moment) to you. So you can copy and paste the Liebster Award Interview and create a new blog about it. Right now I need to find 10 bloggers to nominate. So I can finish the blog and publish it but the thing is, you necessary don’t have to bother if you don’t find the complete 11. just have fun and know that people are watching, reading and expectant. God bless you!

    Have a nice weekend. ♡


    1. I love the idea and i don’t mind being nominated but i only know one person who blogs and that’s you. Is that okay?


  3. lollyp2 says:

    again, I say well done and God bless!


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