So today marks two years since I started writing and using this platform. I never imagined my life like this and I never knew I could write or had a gift! Sometimes I wonder if this is real, other times I am amazed at myself.

I started writing not to impress people but to let out the frustration and pain that was going on inside me. I had bottled up my pain and I didn’t have the courage to speak or to even trust someone to show them my wounds. Once I had written them down, they didn’t seem that difficult to talk about.

I talk to myself a lot, so sometimes when I need encouragement and there is no one around, I write down those words of encouragement and read them aloud, to ensure they sink in. I always figured I would need those words later on when my world seemed to fall apart.

To be honest, sometimes I cry while I write. Some tears are not that bad and so I continue to write as I let them fall. And sometimes, I have to stop writing until I finish crying because my writing reveals the wounds that lay beneath my mask and reminds me how far I have come on this journey of understanding my true identity.

I was thinking of some nice and eloquent words to write on my two-year anniversary but I couldn’t find them. All that comes to mind is THANK YOU! Writing has definitely been a healing process for me and I am thankful to you for sticking by me. I have definitely seen growth not just in my personal life but in the way I write.

I know God still has great plans not just for me but you also. I am not sure where this next year will take me but I know it will be an amazing ride and I know that in whatever situation I find myself in, it is just a refining process and at the end I will come out stronger and shine brighter.

And so will you!

I look forward to the next year with you where there would be fun memories made.

Stay tuned and I will be back

I love you!

Oreoluwa Esther xo

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