Hello Everyone, I hope you have had an amazing summer so far? To be honest, I was dreading summer because i thought all the things that were going on around me and my life would stop me/us from enjoying the season that was birthing forth. I am so glad i took a chance and told myself to savour every moment and learn whatever lessons God was going to teach me and I have to say this summer was the best i have had in a long time despite my journey.

And sometimes or most times i get so caught up in the moment that i forget to let you guys in, so here is a little taste of my life this summer in pictures! I met so many people and i was blessed by them.


This past Sunday, we celebrated one of our family members who turned 50 and we did it big. I took pictures with my niece and nephew because i would be travelling soon. It seems they didn’t want a picture. It’s so hard trying to make them smile lol.

IMG_4623IMG_4621 A few weeks ago, my youngest brother turned 21 and he wasn’t really feeling like celebrating but we took him out. You’d think he was older than me… Not always cool when they think so!

IMG_4529IMG_4510IMG_4507IMG_4478IMG_4461IMG_4458   IMG_4381 This summer was amazing because i got to witness one of my lovely friend (Sister) get married to the love of her life and it was beautiful!!! I wish you guys the very best of years.

DSCN0245                            Also during the summer, my oldest cousin had his introduction (Meeting the in-laws and preparing to get married). While i couldn’t find any picture of me and him on that day, i took so many with his sister. ❤


IMG_4608 One spectacular highlight was meeting these gorgeous women who are changing the world around me and learn how they manage business, family and personal life well. I have learnt a lot of lessons.

That’s all for now and I hope to hear from you soon!!! Love you xx

Oreoluwa Esther